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FitPro Industry Podcast Interview with Deborah Dubree

Ep. 32 Meet Author and No BS Coach, Deborah Dubree

FitPro Industry Podcast Interview with Deborah Dubree

With only a high school diploma, Deborah grew from answering phones as a receptionist to become the owner and CEO of a $20 million commercial construction company. She learned how to go beyond the expected and succeed. Known for her “No BS” approach, Deborah’s speaking, trainings and coaching methods have attracted national and international audiences and clients. These include top performing business professionals, sales experts, pro golfers and NFL players.

Her clients have dubbed her their “Secret Weapon.”

With certifications and trainings in Neuroscience, NLP, Stress Reduction, Positive Psychology, Human Behavior, Hypnosis and Body Language and Conscious Language… Deborah now trains her clients to:

Up Yours! – Up Your Power. Up Your Performance. Up Your Profits.

Deborah Dubree – Show Notes

What is your background and what insipired you?

At the age of 12, Deborah’s 16-year old brother was killed in a car accident.

“I didn’t realize until almost 15 years later the effect that had on me”

She wanted to help figure out the pain she was still experiencing, and started studying quantum physics, neuroscience, the brain and our thoughts.

“This basically allowed me to grow within a company, with only a high school diploma, by applying the things I learned about human behavior”

How did this evolve to you working with professional athletes?

After moving to Arizona, Deborah originally was going to go into cosmetology, but ended up going in another direction and getting a job as a receptionist.

“It’s where I thought I belonged, with a high school diploma and (being) a small-town girl”

Being bored at the front desk, she started visiting the properties of the property management and investment company she worked for to grade the project managers. A position opened up with a sister company in the construction field.

“I wanted the job so bad. I knew what the extra money would do for the family.”

Deborah knew nothing about construction or accounting and was unable to think of reasons on why she should be hired for the position. She decided to change the question to “why not me?” This led to her creating her self-identity statement, which she uses today with her coaching clients.

“Who are we at the very core?”

She completed her resume, submitted it and ended up getting the job.

“I was scared to death because now all of the sudden I had to actually perform”

It wasn’t always easy, but she succeeded in this role by taking what she had learned in quantum physics, applying them to herself.

“I was standing on the edge; I was either going to jump and make it happen, or I was going duck back into the shadows and watch myself fail.”

Deborah moved her way up the ladder by taking her studies and applying them in the business world. She climbed all the way up to the top, as owner and CEO of her own company. She applied these studies in her business, by writing books and teaching leadership. After selling her company, Deborah moved on to coaching, training and speaking all over the world.

“At every level there is going to be fear, and that is ok. Fear is not a bad thing; fear can just be a signal that something exciting is coming.”

She then decided she wanted to work with professional athletes. She made her connections, offered services, and put some techniques in place and again was successful.

What is a technique that you use with your clients that you wish more people knew about?

Deborah talks about techniques that more people need to know about, including stress and how it affects all parts of us.

“It’s affecting our emotions, our behaviours, our thoughts and our body sensations.”

To be successful in handling stress, she believes it’s really about becoming an “investigator” of yourself.

“It’s not a miracle; it’s the science of our body.”

She advises clients to always look at their people, places, times and events.

“Look at the results; look at the events, the situations. What is it that you know you should be doing, that emotionally you’ve not been able to do?”

What is a business mistake that you learned a lesson from?

She feels that a lot of people “stay in the shadows” too long, wondering if they’re really good enough. They tend to want to learn too much and take one more class before just going out and doing what they need to do.

“It still happens, because I’m as human as everybody else. Staying in the safety zone is something that just becomes aggravating.”

What challenges are you facing now?

People are just starting to understand now, in business and sports, how important knowing and understanding the emotional aspect of how we are as human-beings”

What are your most impactful books?

“The Virtue Selfishness” by Ayn Rand
“The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers
“Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton

Who is your ideal client?

Deborah says when talking about her ideal client that it doesn’t matter what level you are on, her ideal client is based on personality type.
“…someone who is looking to grow.”

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